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What we do

Emerald Scales was created to take in and rehome reptiles and amphibians. Since launching in 2018, we've taken in and sold 500 to responsible keepers.

Reptiles in

Going to college, loss of interest, moving to a new home, unexpected finances or bills and starting a human family are just a few of the most unexpected bumps in the road while keeping reptiles.

However, if you're no longer able to suitably keep or care for your reptile, there are few ways to find them new homes. Most keepers are forced to resort to giving them away to people they know little about and have to hope it was the right choice.

Emerald Scales is available as an alternative, allowing keepers to put their minds at ease when rehoming their exotic pets. We make it as easy as possible to relinquish your animals while being as affordable as possible.

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Once we ensure they're happy and healthy, reptiles are listed for sale on Emerald Scales to responsible keepers around the United States.

Unlike almost any other sellers in the pet trade, we verify every customer before sending a reptile off, ensuring they meet our standards. We aren't afraid to decline concerning buyers.

We are not a non-profit, and have never claimed to be one. Emerald Scales is a part of GoHerping, LLC - a for-profit company with a business model that allows us to increase our efforts in helping reptiles and keepers while growing a sustainable brand.

 launched January, 2018

 based in North Carolina, USA 

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