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Additional animals


Despite having rehomed and sold many animals with great success, Emerald Scales has one large bottleneck that's held us back. This is an experiment to improve!

Up until this point, every reptile posted on the site has been shipped to our "headquarters" in North Carolina then shipped to the new owner. Reptiles you see below are still located at original owners' homes and will be shipped directly to the new keeper.

The benefits include the reptile spending less time in transit, the original owner having a shorter wait-time and reduced rehoming fee. The benefits for the buyer include a reduced cost to purchase and a larger variety of animals.

For privacy, the reptiles will be shipped to and from FedEx centers and labels will be connected to Emerald Scales phone numbers only. Only a name will be visible to both parties.

From experience over the years, we are able to catch health issues digitally with great success. However, we now request even more information including videos, additional photos and details we didn't require previously. Emerald Scales will also offer a guarantee to new owners in the unlikely case a reptile arrives in unexpected condition.

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