WE WILL NOT Ship until the following are completed.

NO WEEKEND SHIPPING/DELIVERY. We will not ship until weather is safe.

To ensure your newest scaly friend transitions easily to their new home with you, here's what you should know before placing an order!


Ideally, you will already have an enclosure set up and ready to go before ordering, but you're given up to 2 weeks of preparation time after ordering to receive your animal. It's within this period that you're required to send an image of your full enclosure, along with a few details including your temperatures, humidity levels (if applicable to the species) and dietary plan.

2. confirm shipping date

Any shipping confirmations or notifications you received can be ignored until we have you personally confirm availability for a shipping date that lines up with the weather, and your schedule. Your reptile can arrive between Tuesday and Friday, around 10:30am. Please make sure somebody is available on delivery day. We will confirm whether the temperatures will allow for safe shipping in advanced and will hold reptiles as long as the weather takes to improve.


If you have additional questions that the animal's page didn't answer, let us know of any questions we can help with. Likewise, we ask that you answer anything we may need from you!

Want to get ahead?

Email with the following after ordering,

and the process will be even quicker!

1. Image of your enclosure / a short summary of the setup and the planned diet for your animal.

2. A preferred shipping date (or two, in case weather does not hold up).

3. Any additional questions or requests you have.

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