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Can I pre-order or hold a reptile species or individual?
No. To be the first to know about new reptiles, join the mailing list. We hold your reptile for up to 2 weeks after you place your order.

Can I pick up locally?
Not at this time.

Can I pay in cash, check, or alternative apps?
No. We accept PayPal, credit and debit cards. All card payments processed through Stripe.

Are animals safe during shipping?
Yes. Shipping live reptiles is an ever-improving process that keeps the well being of our animals the priority. To date, Emerald Scales has shipped hundreds of reptiles, 98% of which arrived to their new owners in perfect condition. This is accomplished with the fastest, safest packaging possible which includes padding, temperature control, insulation, ventilation, and clear instructions for delivery drivers. See our live arrival guarantee here.

We only ship to the contiguous USA (all states except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Some animals cannot be shipped to certain states due to regulations. As an example, corn snakes cannot be shipped to Georgia.)

No. Reptiles can only arrive at your destination Tuesday through Friday. We cannot have the arrival date on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

How long can you hold a reptile?
A maximum of 2 weeks from the day you order for reptiles, a maximum of 5 weeks for axolotls. For example, if you order a reptile on January 1st, you must be able to take delivery by January 14th. (Assuming the weather permits. If it does not, we will hold longer.)

What if it's too cold/hot to ship?
We will hold your reptile or amphibian until it is safe to ship. (Generally 39 degrees Fahrenheit minimum, but varies by species.)

When will my reptile arrive?
When you're ready. Your reptile will not be shipped until we personally verify a date with you. Available days for arrival are Tuesday through Friday. Weekend delivery is not available. Animals are shipped overnight, and are in a box for less than 24 hours.

Do I have to be home when the reptile arrives?
Yes. The animal will be dropped off at your doorstep, usually by 10:30am. For the safety of the animal, you, or somebody in your household must be available to get the box off of your doorstep as soon as possible. If you are not there, the live arrival guarantee will be voided.

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