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Based in North Carolina, USA


Emerald Scales is ready for our newest team member residing in or near Durham, North Carolina. Assist in the husbandry of over 100 reptiles with the ability to complete a wide variety of tasks efficiently and independently.


Starts at $10/hour


This position begins as 2 workdays per week, each day between 4 and 8 hours. As we learn your skills, your hours are likely to increase.

Example schedule

Mondays 11 to 5

Thursdays 11 to 5

Example schedule

Tuesdays 1 to 7

Fridays 1 to 7


Age: 16 years of age or older

Transportation: Ownership of, or access to a vehicle at all times

Location: Ability to commute to and from our location in Durham, NC (27705)

Flexibility: Ability to increase length of workdays during busy periods, potentially add additional workday during packed weeks


Top priority: Sanitation. Clean enclosures, fill and replace water dishes. Empty and sanitize setups no longer in use. Sweep, vacuum and mop floors of all rooms used for reptiles.

Husbandry: Set up enclosures, heating and thermostats. Organize reptiles and their enclosures, racks, cords and supplies.

Transportation: Complete errands around the city for reptile food, supplies, enclosures and more. Drop off packages and reptiles. Pick up intakes and supplies from locals.

Hope to hear from you soon!