Adult Male Mexican Black Kingsnake

Adult Male Mexican Black Kingsnake

This is one snake that stands out. With an all black scales, eyes and even tongue, this large adult Mexican black kingsnake is unusually easy to work with! He is a little enclosure defensive, but once out, almost never tries to strike or slither out of your hands. Kingsnakes in general eat just about anything, making feeding straight forward. This guy is in beautiful condition, from healthy scales and a great weight to crisp, clear eyes and a constantly-flicking tongue. He's approximately 3 years old. He has not been probed but was sexed visually, as he has a long and thin tail.


We're looking for a keeper with a minimum 40 gallon enclosure or equivalent, whether it's glass, plastic or wood. Just make sure it's extra secure, as this slim snake might try and find a way out!


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    Male (visual sex)