Wildtype Axolotls

Wildtype Axolotls

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Axolotls are absolutely wonderful salamanders to keep. They can be extremely personable and these babies are no exception! Every single one has been hand raised and cared for individually. As adults, these little ones will be an average of 15 inches! They are of a lighter variant of wild type and will most likely retain most of their spots as they age. The mother, "Woobeewoo" as seen in GoHerping's videos, is a wildtype with a higher than average amount of iridophores meaning they will definitely be very shiny once they're older. The father is a silver dalmatian with very bright, long red gills.


The first image of the speckled axolotl is a wildtype, while the second image is a dalmatian. 


Axolotls have intermediate care. We strongly recommend anyone interested in them to do plenty of research and prepare!


A minimum ten gallon aquarium is required to house a baby. As adults, they will need a minimum 20 gallon long tank. Upon purchase you will have 5 weeks to provide proof of a properly cycled aquarium with the correct temperatures (below 68°). If you need help creating a cycled environment, email us!


Axolotls cannot be shipped to Maine, California, New Jersey or Virginia. Do not place an order if you reside there or it will be be cancelled with only partial refund due to transaction fees.


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  • Age

    Approx. 3.5 months old

  • Length

    Approx. 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches