Adult Female Colombian Rainbow Boa

Adult Female Colombian Rainbow Boa

This boa was in shed during the photos, and will display more browns than greys once shipped.


Colombian rainbow boas are species that looks for more specific husbandry than most, due to higher sensitivity. Higher humidity and more moderate temperatures make their care stand out from common pet snakes, giving you a more unique experience - assuming you're prepared!


This female rainbow boa has an easygoing attitude - enjoying small frozen-thawed rats and coming in at 1390 grams and 4.5 feet. She's a perfect size for breeding, and may be a great reptile project - especially since they're live-bearing with no eggs or incubation period. Interested in a docile boa at an easy size to work at? Maybe she's the one for you!


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    1390 grams / 4.5 ft