Emerald Scales Gift Voucher ($25 and up)

Emerald Scales Gift Voucher ($25 and up)

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Purchasing a pet as a gift for somebody is always risky, especially if it's a surprise because they may not be prepared or ready to take on caring for an animal at that time. Instead, gift them a voucher from Emerald Scales. This way, you do the giving and they do the choosing when they're ready! It never expires and is the perfect way to fulfill their wish of a pet reptile of their own.


A one-page gift voucher will be physically mailed to you or your recipient like the one shown in images. We will also email you the gift code in case you need it in a hurry. If you choose to do so, add a custom message to the voucher and we'll replace the default message on the voucher!


Default message:



We're excited to inform you that [NAME] has gifted you this voucher for Emerald Scales! There is no expiration, so feel no rush. Wait to use it on a pet that really catches your eye at emeraldscales.com!