Rehome Your Pets

Rehome Your Pets

Make sure you've read and understand our rehoming page before ordering.


We will email you within 1-2 days after purchased where we'll request images and additional information. This will allow us to put together the perfect kit which will be shipped to you. Once arrived, we will give you shipping label, safe shipping dates and the FedEx address nearest to you that accepts animals. Once dropped off, you're all done. We will quickly pick up the package and get your animals settled in! You may ask for updates at any time.


You may not use your own supplies and we will not accept intakes without an order placed on our kit.


Because we are currently working on acquiring a new space, intakes have been paused, leading to longer estimated wait times.



Expedite the wait: 3-6 months

Regular wait list: 6-9 months

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