Complete Isopod Kit

Complete Isopod Kit

Isopods are wonderful to keep in your vivariums, but they're also great to keep as pets! Our isopod kits come with everything you could need to make a stunning display enclosure for an awesome culture of these little guys! We've developed the perfect substrate that works incredibly well for isopods. (You can pick up a bag of it without anything else here!) The substrate is loaded with calcium, woods, worm casings, leaf litter, and many other necessities invertebrates need to thrive. These kits are also awesome for millipedes and other inverts!


Each kit includes: 


  • Oak Leaf Litter
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Assorted Cork Bark
  • Assorted Cholla Wood
  • 20 ct. of Springtails
  • 1 Clear Acrylic Display Case
  • 1 Bag of Premium Invertebrate Substrate


There will be natural variation with each piece of cork and cholla wood.