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Juvenile Yellow Bellied Slider

This bite-sized slider loves to swim and munch on snacks! It's too young to sex, and has tons of growing left to do. It will need lots of space down the road, but for now, only needs about 20 gallons of water.


It's more shy out of water, but eventually gets comfortable enough to explore around. Little insects like dubia roaches and mealworms are just some of the snacks it enjoys, in addition to pellets and greens! When done eating, a hot basking spot is the perfect resting place to digest as this little turt soaks in some UVB rays.


Due to being under 4 inches long, this turtle cannot be sold for profit in North Carolina. The $20 fee goes towards the shipping materials and shipping label, as it costs more than the flat rate $45 shipping we charge to ship an animal. (On average, shipping is $50-80 which is normally partially merged into the price of the animal)


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