Juvenile Male Het Pistachio Western Hognose

Juvenile Male Het Pistachio Western Hognose

Elliot is a juvenile western hognose who is a little bit feisty. He's an absolute sweetheart once you get him out of the enclosure and calmed down. Elliot will need a very understanding owner who can work with his needs! As he ages, Elliot will improve and simmer down. 


Like all hognose snakes, they have a potent saliva that many consider to be a venom. It's made to kill small animals like rodents and frogs, but can have varying affects on humans - much like a bee-sting. This may range from a headache and dizzyness, to swelling and other issues if you have an allergic reaction. To avoid this, wear gloves while handling and do your best not to spook the hoggie!


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  • Weight

    18 Grams

  • Sex


  • Morph

    Het Pistachio