Mix of Dalmatian and Orange Isopods (15 ct)

Mix of Dalmatian and Orange Isopods (15 ct)

Isopods are a great way to liven up bioactive enclosures and help keep them clean! These stunning little guys are so fun to watch explore, eat, and breed in your pet's enclosure. They're super easy to care for and require little to no maitenance. These species do best in humid setups with plenty of leaf litter, cork bark, and the occasional vegetable thrown in to vary their diet. They will eat any waste your pet leaves and will aid in keeping your vivariums looking great! You'll receive a mix of adults and babies of both species. 


This mix also has a chance of including orange dalmatians which are a cross of the powder oranges and the dalmatians. They're stunning and have a lot of variation! 


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Isopods will be shipped the soonest day weather is acceptable to ensure a safe arrival (or with your animal if applicable). Email us within 30 minutes of arrival with an image of the container if they do not arrive safely.