Sub-Adult & Adult Bearded Dragons

Sub-Adult & Adult Bearded Dragons

Normally, Emerald Scales lists animals individually. However, we have many bearded dragons that appear and act extremely similarly. Instead of complicating the shop, simply place an order for a bearded dragon on this listing and we'll pick out the perfect one for you. All of the current dragons are easygoing and good eaters. At most, your beardie may have slight metabolic bone disease or a partially missing tail, but nothing that affects their quality of life.


The morph of your bearded dragon will most likely be normal, but some are considered more "valuable". We don't have the exact lineage of the bearded dragons, but expect colors ranging from tan to yellow to grey.


The bearded dragon we select will either be a sub-adult or an adult, at a minimum of 8 inches. We expect enclosures at least a 40 gallon (approx 3ft by 2ft), but the bigger the better!


You may choose to purchase more than one dragon and they would be shipped together, but we require them to all be housed seperately and away from one another, as seeing other beardies in the area often does not go over well.


What's important to us is that each beardie is healthy before shipping and goes to an excited home with great husbandry. We are currently moving locations and are not adjusting our standards placed on customers at all, but do ask that you are prepared in advavnced so we can efficiently rehome the animals and get to our new space :)


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