Sub-Adult Female Red Eared Sliders

Sub-Adult Female Red Eared Sliders

Generally, we list animals individually but these three red eared sliders are being put on the same listing. You may place an order for one, two or three. We will select for you and will ensure they fit the description below :)


Unlike some of the other turtles, these 3 are all very similar, docile and get along well as we've had them in a large community tub together. They all love to swim around, explore the area and chow down on a variety of snacks from insects to pellets to greens. When not eating or exploring, these girls spend their time resting in the sun and enjoying the sights around them. All 3 turtles are approximately 6 to 8 inches, at good weights and with overall healthy shells that have slight deformations.


Red eared sliders cannot be sold for profit in North Carolina, so we only charge for part of the shipping, and apply the $0.01 towards the shipping as well.


Note that, although these turtles get along, our requirements are still 10 gallons per 1 inch of turtle shell, then 5 gallons per 1 inch of any additional turtles. Each turtle is approximately 7 inches long. For example, one turtle would need a minimum of 75 gallons while two turtles would need a minimum of approx 110 gallons. Three turtles would need a minimum of approx 150 gallons.


In addition to the space, there must be enough basking spots where the turtles can all get dry and access to UVB and heating. We are comfortable with outdoor or indoor setups, as long as adequately safe, secure and set up!


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