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Based in North Carolina, USA

An unspoken aspect of responsible pet keeping is knowing when to rehome an animal. Whether you've had changes in housing, finances, or simply lost interest, finding a trustworthy keeper is difficult.

Whether it's a single leopard gecko, or a full "collection" of various exotic animals, Emerald Scales takes in almost any species, size, age and quantity of reptiles and amphibians.

Email us information about your animal(s), your zip code (must be in the USA), and a picture or two! Please send newly photographed images.


We may ask you to prove these photos are recent so we can see your animal's current condition. Inquiries with images over 1 month old will be declined.


First, we'll let you know if we feel comfortable taking in your animal.

Second, you'll receive a package with shipping instructions. You're required to cover the label, generally costing $40 to $80. We'll give you an exact quote.

Then, your reptile settles in during their quarantining period with us. As soon as any necessary rehabilitation is done, they will be available on Emerald Scales.


Future owners are verified 1-on-1 to ensure every animal goes to a suitable keeper.


Due to the difficulty, time and space needed for certain species, there may be a required fee before we can take in your animal.


If your species is not on this list, we will take them without additional charge.

Iguanas under 2 feet: $90

Iguanas over 2 feet: $190

Iguanas over 4 feet: $260

Iguanas over 5 feet: Declined

Savannah monitors under 1 foot: $45

Savannah monitors over 1 foot: $65

Savannah monitors over 2 feet: $95

Red eared sliders: $55

All other aquatic turtles: $45

Venomous snakes: Declined

(Hognoses are accepted)

Recently wild caught animals: Declined

(Long term captive, or captive raised are accepted)

Reptiles with severe medical conditions: Varies

Reptiles with immediate medical emergencies: Declined