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Based in North Carolina, USA

An unspoken aspect of responsible pet keeping is knowing when to rehome. Whether you've had changes in housing, finances, or simply lost interest, finding a trustworthy keeper is difficult. Emerald Scales takes in almost any species, size, age and quantity of reptiles and amphibians. We care for and work with your animal 1-on-1 untilconfident they're ready to find a home. Your animal is posted on Emerald Scales, and we closely vet and work with the interested keeper.

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Emerald Scales prioritizes the lives of reptiles and amphibians over anything else. For this reason, we have very strict and rigorous guidelines, which are listed below. We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation! Don't hesitate to ask questions.

First, we'll let you know if we feel comfortable taking in your animal.

Second, you'll receive a package with shipping instructions. The supplies and label generally cost $40 to $100. We'll give you an exact quote.

Then, your reptile settles in during their quarantining period with us. As soon as any necessary rehabilitation is done, they will be available on Emerald Scales.


Future owners are verified 1-on-1 to ensure every animal goes to a suitable keeper.


Emerald Scales follows a rigorous and expensive process taking in and rehoming animals.


For this reason, we require that you cover all costs including packaging supplies and shipping costs. We will give you an exact quote.


If you decide not to send your animal after you've already covered the cost of boxes, shipping labels or other supplies, we are unable to refund these items.


Reptiles often need rehabilitation due to illness, undernourishment, or mishap in care. Because of this, many people request that we take in, rehabilitate, and send their animal back. We do not offer this service.


However, you are still allowed to purchase the animal off of our site, but this is a first-come, first-serve basis and you will be held to the same standards all potential keepers are with no guarantee of approval.

Sick or injured

Reptiles with severe medical emergencies are not accepted. Reptiles with mites, ticks or contagious diseases are not accepted until cleared up. Unsure if we can help your reptile's condition, sickness or injury? Email us with images and information.

Trades / sales

Emerald Scales does not trade animals with any keeper or breeder. We do not pay for intakes and will not respond to requests that we purchase your animals, no matter the species, quantity or "value".


You may not ship your reptile to us until we have given explicit permission to do so. We do not allow shipment until weather is safe and delays are unlikely. Shipping before we approve of a date will result in being blacklisted from Emerald Scales.

Wild caughts

Animals that have recently been wild caught will not be accepted, unless they were captive raised, or considered to be long-term captive.


To avoid going over our maximum capacity, we have a wait-list for intakes. We offer an additional fee to skip the wait-list. The fee assists in covering additional supplies and resources to take in and care for your animal more quickly.

Proof of condition

Many people try to deceive the condition of their animals by sending old or fake images. For this reason, we may ask you to prove images are real and recently taken. You may do this preemptively by adding a piece of paper with your name and date next to the animal.


Due to required expertise, time and space, there may be an additional fee.

If your species is not on this list, we will take them without additional charge.

Iguanas under 2 feet: $90

Iguanas over 2 feet: $190

Iguanas over 4 feet: $260

Iguanas over 5 feet: Declined

Venomous snakes: Declined

Poisonous amphibians: No fee

Hognoses: No fee

Savannah monitors under 1 foot: $45

Savannah monitors over 1 foot: $65

Savannah monitors over 2 feet: $95


Red eared sliders: $55

All other aquatic turtles: $45

Land turtles & tortoises: No fee

Begin the process

Send us information about your animal(s), your zip code (must be in the USA), and a few pictures! Please send newly photographed images and allow up to 48 hours for a response.



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