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by placing an order on emerald scales, you agree to the following.


We ship weekdays, when you're available & when weather allows.

We will select a shipping date that lines up with your schedule and the weather forecast. You are required to be at the shipping address when your animal arrives. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. All animals are shipped with FedEx overnight priority. Your reptile can arrive between Tuesday and Friday.

Declining Orders

We reserve the right to decline any order at any time.

Animals take priority at Emerald Scales. It is very important that every animal is sent to somebody who understands the husbandry while prepared for the animal, which we accurately determine to the best of our ability. We are happy to do anything we can put you at ease, and ensure you feel confident and prepared for an animal, however, we reserve the right to decline shipping an animal to anyone at any time before sending you an invoice for payment. In the extremely rare case that we must decline after you pay, we will refund 85% of your order. 15% of your order is withheld to cover transaction and management fees. As long as you have researched and use our instructions on the order page to help prepare you, everything you don't have to worry.


You are given a 2 week (14 days) grace period from the time you place your order. This period allows you to properly set up an enclosure and ask any questions. By the end of this period, we will have ideally set up a ship date, but Emerald Scales will hold your animal for as long as is needed if weather or delays put the shipment at risk.

shipping Regulations

must be in contiguous usa, must allow import of species ordered.

Emerald Scales cannot currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or any country or region out of the United States. If you are in the contiguous United States and the animal you're interested can legally cross state lines, along with being kept and traded in your state, then we can ship to you!

Live Arrival Guarantee

email within 30 minutes of delivery in a case of deceased or injured arrival.

Shipping live reptiles and amphibians is an ever-improving process that keeps the animals safe while in the mail. 99% of reptiles and amphibians shipped with Emerald Scales arrive in perfect condition, with minor signs of stress at most. There are extremely rare cases (about 1 in 100) where an issue causes an animal to be dead upon arrival.

If your animal is dead on arrival or appears to be injured or sick, you must contact us immediately, within 30 minutes of the arrival notification we receive when FedEx delivers your package with photographic or video proof of the deceased reptile. If we conclude the injury or death was caused by Emerald Scales, FedEx or weather, you will be given a full refund and we will cover all transaction, shipping and management fees. If you do not notify us within 30 minutes, or if we conclude the reptile or amphibian died due to the negligence by the recipient, or someone in the recipient's household, place of work, or other delivery address of the animal, no refund will be given and you may be blacklisted from Emerald Scales and partner companies.

If your animal shows signs of illness after this 30 minute period, please contact us at any time and we will do our best to help resolve your issue, along with ensuring your new animal stays happy and healthy every step of the way. Our goal is to keep your reptile thriving for its entire lifespan! Never hesitate to reach out.


Privacy Policy

your information is kept private.

Your personal information is kept private, only being shared with people and companies directly working with Emerald Scales (i.e. if your animal is from one of our partnered sellers, they will be given your name, address and phone number to ship to you.) Any payment information (credit card, debit card, etc.) is never seen by us, as we work directly through secure payment systems (PayPal & Stripe). If we contact you, we may ask for information including your name, address, or phone number, but will never ask for your card information under any circumstances. Emerald Scales does not knowingly collect the information of minors.

Cancellations, Refunds & Returns

do not return animals. accepted cancellations have a 15% withholding fee.

By submitting your order, you are agreeing to go through with the purchase if you are accepted. This applies to intake kits and our rehoming service as well. Do not place an order on an animal until you are sure you're ready to purchase. If you no longer want to be sent an animal or circumstances change, or if you no longer wish to rehome your animal through our service, let us know as soon as possible. We cannot cancel if the animal has already been shipped. There is a 15% fee withheld from all refunds to cover transaction and management costs. As an example, if you make a $100 purchase and request a cancellation, you will receive $85 back to your payment method. Emerald Scales does not accept returns.


emerald scales takes full responsibility if we make a mistake.

By submitting an order, you are agreeing that, in the extremely rare case you're shipped the incorrect animal(s), you will ship the animal to our requested location with the box and label supplied to you by Emerald Scales. You will never be responsible for additional costs caused by any errors Emerald Scales makes - we will always compensate our mishaps. We simply require that you comply in the case a mistake is made.

These terms and conditions were last updated March 4th, 2021. These terms and conditions apply to all orders placed on or after March 4, 2021 (eastern standard time). View archived versions of our TOS below.

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